How often should I log into WordPress

Over the past several years of working with small business owners and WordPress, we are often asked, "How often should I log into WordPress?" or related statements that begs the question.Let me share with you some reasons as to why you should be logging into your WordPress content management system -- CMS -- or blog as often during the week as you are able to practically do so.

WordPress Brute Force Attacks

If you asked me from September 2012 forward, the answer would change dramatically with WordPress Brute Force Attacks now exceeding 50% of all attacks being reported.If you review your or your hosting provider reviews your web site's access logs on a regular basis, you can tell if there are Brute Force attacks being attempted on your WordPress site by seeing multiple requests to access the file wp-login.php from the same IP address over and over again. Sometimes it might be a single request every x period of time; other times it might be scores of requests from the same IP address. By the way, are you or your provider regularly checking your web site access logs for abuse?How can you protect yourself against WordPress Brute Force attacks?

WordPress White Screen of Death

What is the WordPress White Screen of Death?It is when you go to your site and see just a blank, empty, white page rather than your site.While you may not have known the name of the problem, it is something you can experience with WordPress (as well as other content management systems).Now, let's go over trouble shooting the issue so you can have your web site back online.

Can you find high value web hosting?

Quality hosting is probably harder to sell than the design services, which are more up front and obvious.Web site design is very visual. Designers can white board, story board, and show you successful sites they have created in the past.What can a web hosting company show you, visually, that they are unique as well as the being the company for you?

WordFence Security – K.I.S.S. approach to WordPress Security

Over the past 17 years, I've found security can often be like a full squadron of obtrusive bouncers who make you want to leave before you get within 50 yards of the door.Wouldn't it be great to have a WordPress security plugin which was more like Dalton (Patrick Swayze) in RoadHouse who worked to have bouncers be as inconspicuous as possible; only coming out when needed, and only using what force was necessary to get the job done?