Stop worrying about website hacks. Our custom tools and partnerships will keep your sites secure

All our services include the following

PCI Compliant Hosting

We under go monthly pci scanning to make sure our servers are up to the latest standards. We run patching of our systems every 2 weeks and perform security audits ever day. With our Global GSS firewall filtering we block an ipaddress once its populated to all our servers. Along with our strict firewall rules only needed ports are opened on the servers. We take security serious so you can focus more on sales and running your business.

Cloudlinux Cagefs, LVE and Securelinks

We utilize Cloudlinux for our OS of choice. The main reason we utilize this Operating System is to keep clients isolated from each other. Gone are the days when another users website get hacked or ftp password compromised affecting other users on the server. This is just 1 of many reason we use Cloudlinux with top of the line features like Securelinks, HardenedPHP and CageFS. If your host is not using Cloudlinux you shouldn't be hosting with them.

Enterprise Spam Filtering

Our spam filtering is the best in the business. From its advanced logging abilities to giving the users the control over their spam quarantines from a nice easly browsed interface. We filter in-bound and out-bound email traffic. Which keeps us off the blacklists and your email flowing as you would expect from a webhosting service provider.

30 Day Backup/Restore Points

Backups run 1 time per day. Virtual and Dedicated server clients can choose their own run times. Provides peace of mind that your data is always backed up and available at a moment's notice. We have the ability to bare metal a server back to its original state in just a few hours, reducing your downtime in those critical emergency issues. Ability to restore data granular for example if you just deleted a file or email by accident, you are able to restore just that file and not the whole account.

Trustwave Waf Security

We use a trusted commercial security vendor for our WAF website security. This firewall runs in front of your website and will protect your website from known application vulnerabilities and malicious attacks. Zero day flaws are protected against with virtual patching. You get cleaner traffic to your website and less spam filling our your online forms.

DNI Custom Security Solution

Consists of 3 different tools we developed over a 10 year period. Sitemd5, HackCheck and WPSums. The most common support issue over the past 10 years is Wordpress and Joomla clients getting hacked for using outdated plugins. Our tools keep your Wordpress website hack free and keeps you off blacklists.

Shared Hosting Pricing

Small Business

$ 9.95 / monthly
  • 20 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 GB SSD Storage
  • 10 Mailboxes
  • Unlimited websites
  • wordpress/joomla supported


$ 54.95 / monthly
  • 80 GB Bandwidth
  • 6 GB SSD Storage
  • 100 Mailboxes
  • Unlimited websites
  • wordpress/joomla supported

Serving businesses since 1996

Domains Hosted
Hacks Stopped
Emails Filtered


About DNI

Our core focus as a company is serving small and medium businesses by combining extremely high quality web hosting and server management solutions with friendly, attentive customer service.

What does that mean to our clients? Simply put, we’re dedicated to making sure your site is as secure as possible from hackers, your site is fast, and your site has high up time.

We strive to deliver customer service completely uncommon in our technical industry.

One of the more common sentiments we hear from clients, especially if they call, is their surprise that a person answered the telephone and not an automated system.

We believe that’s a critical step in providing the quickest, most personal support we can offer.

We do things the right way. Our experience in this industry has taught us over and over again, that cutting corners to compete on price alone will eventually cost clients far more than a few dollars per month. It could cost them their reputation or even their business.

Contact us if you have questions concerning how we can help your organization.

Business Info

  •   (717) 484-1062
  •  Little Elm, TX 75068


TLSv1.2 PCI Compliance Deadline June 2018

After many years of being pushed back the time has finally come for TLSv1.0 and Tlsv1.1 to be shut down. All our new servers are already configured and everyone still on the old Hsphere platform will be migrated over to our Plesk Platform by March 2018.

TLSv1.0 and PCI Compliance.

Pci DSS compliance states by June 2016 that TLSv1.0 must be disabled.  The downside to this is any browser IE10 and prior will not work to connect to your website.  Those clients will need to upgrade their browsers, use a different browser or get with their browser vendor for a fix to use TLS1.1 or […]

Glibc Ghost Vulnerability

On 1/27/2015 we were notified by our software vendors of a critical flaw in the Linux glibc library CVE-2015-0235 affecting all Centos, Redhat and Cloudlinux servers.  After our vendors released OS patches we patched all servers immediately after. This includes all clients on our bi monthly patching service. What is glibc? The glibc library is a core part of […]

HeartBleed Openssl Critial Security Issue.

On 4/7/2014 a critical flaw in openssl became public. Openssl published a page called CVE-2014-0160 (also known as the Heartbleed bug).   We immediately began patching all managed servers on 4/8 as soon as OS vendors published their patches.  Any virtual and dedicated server clients on Centos6.5,Redhat6.5,Cloudlinux6.5 are patched and notified about the security concern.  If you did not […]

New Icann domain requirements.

Part of the New ICANN Domain registration requirements are that registrants email address must exist if our renewal emails bounce to your email address the registrar provider will set the domain in a hold state. Let us know your thoughts. Below are the details and your ICANN Rights.    Validating a registrant’s email address   Effective immediately, […]

WordPress wp-login.php brute force attacks.

WordPress brute force attacks have started cripling servers all over the internet.  Our cloudlinux servers have managed to stay up which higher then normal cpu and ram usage. Other servers without cloudlinux haven’t faired so well.  We started investigating these attacks on April 9th 2013, captured packets immediately to get the payload of these brute […]

Don't just take our word for it.

Since 1995 Dynamic Net, Inc. has been helping small to medium businesses build their dreams on the Internet — whether it is through our PCI Compliant web hosting or through our managed care. Our customers often share their experiences with us; hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
Our company originally came to DNI because we were extremely dissatisfied with the service provided to us by a big conglomerate Internet Web Hosting Company. Despite or perhaps because of its large size, this company was not at all responsive to our needs. By contrast, right from the very beginning, the staff of DNI was extremely attentive to our needs and worked directly with us to migrate our web site to DNI servers. The transition was flawless and our customers did not suffer any inconvenience as a result of the changeover. Since then, as our business has grown, so have our business needs. DNI staff have been with us every step of the way in our efforts to achieve our business goals. The range and quality of services offered by DNI is equivalent to those offered by any company. But the biggest difference with DNI is the individualized and attentive service that has been provided to us at every turn in our road to business success.

Gordon Stein

Officer at Continuing Education Online, Inc.
I have had the pleasure of doing business with Peter and Dynamic Net, Inc. for over a decade. Peter is thoroughly versed in all aspects of the services that DynamicNet provides; sets the bar high for response times; and is never anything less than affable, helpful and accommodating of our needs, both urgent and not-so-urgent. I highly recommend Peter Abraham to anyone or any business!

Dave Markowski

Web Manager at Albright College
I have found Peter to be highly competent in a field when lot’s of folks claim to be expert but few really are. I originally hired Peter and his company in 2006 as a part-time outsourced systems administrators to help in the areas I was weak in or when I was too busy to do it myself. As my experience working with Peter grew, I had come to trust his judgment and his skills completely. In 2007, I turned over to Peter complete control of the security and periodic updating of our H-Sphere Web Hosting cluster. I’m still very happy with that decision.

Richard Rountree

Dundee Internet Services
DynamicNet has been providing us a service in securing and updating our hosting control panel servers for several years now. We find Peter and his work to be very thorough and well done. I would recommend Peter as a Linux administrator and an expert on managing hsphere hosting control panels.

Dean Carrera

Sozo Hosting
I Love My Hosting Company. Peter M Abraham and His Staff Are Tops In The Business. I’ve Been With Them Since The Mid- 90’s

Rick Martin

Rick Martin Photography