FAQ: Server Management

Q: Can you manage or secure my servers even if I don’t host them with Dynamic Net?

A: Absolutely.

While we offer high quality managed dedicated server bundles, we like to call ourselves a non-facilities based provider.

What we mean by that is we’ll provide whatever remote server management and security solutions you need, regardless of whether you host with us, in another data center, or in-house.

Q: Do you provide Linux Server Management?

A: Definitely. Our core focus is Linux server management and we work on a variety of operating systems. Specifically, we prefer and recommend the latest builds of Redhat or CentOS.

Q: Do you provide Linux Server Security?

A: Yes. Linux Security is a passion of ours and we’ve been providing security services on a variety of operating systems and control panels since 1995.

Q: Do you provide Windows server management?

A: Please see our control panel and operating systems page for what we can provide for Windows server management.

Q: Do you offer programming Services?

A: Unfortunately, we do not at this time.

Q: Can you work with my existing IT staff or do I have to “hand over the keys” to Dynamic Net?

A: We provide the outsourced server management services you or your staff needs.

If that means you need us to provide a turnkey solution as an outsourced IT staff, we’re happy to do it.

If that means we work with your existing staff to save them time, save you money, or lend some experience in an area they aren’t completely comfortable with, we’re happy to do that, too.

We view outsourced server management and security not just as a zero sum game, but the opportunity to fill in any areas your existing staff either no longer has the time for or doesn’t have the specific training.

Please contact us if you have any questions.