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I recently had the wonderful opportunity to read a well written book by Melinda F. Emerson, Become Your Own Boss In 12 Months.Melinda, who hosts the Small Business Chat on twitter every Wednesday night from 8 PM to 9 PM Eastern Time, focuses on helping people become entrepreneurs and for the small businesses they create to grow and succeed.A lot about what Melinda shares involve proper planning and preparation.Whether you have been in business for many years, or are just starting up... did you know that if you properly plan and prepare for your ecommerce store you greatly increase your opportunity to succeed?

What do I need from Dynamic Net to be PCI Compliant

What are the services you need from Dynamic Net, Inc. once you've made the decision you want to have a fully integrated (i.e. the customer never leaves your web site) PCI Compliant hosting experience?Maybe you've been one of our customers for years, and need to be PCI compliant for your eCommerce offerings. Maybe you've read Revealing the process of becoming PCI Compliant, and decided you want care from a provider with high integrity as well as great security. Either way, you want to know the minimum requirements you need from us in order to get off the ground and become PCI Compliant.

Revealing the process of becoming PCI Compliant

If you want to accept credit cards online, then you need to be PCI Compliant, whether your business is brand new, or your business been established for centuries.Over the years, we've helped various business owners and managers to become PCI Compliant.To those who have not gone through the PCI Compliance process, the road to having their first PCI Compliance certificate can look long, hard, and daunting.This article is meant to take away the sting, especially for first time business owners and managers, by revealing the process of becoming PCI Compliant.

Security Snitching

I think one of the lessons we all learn growing up is that being a snitch -- tattling, whistle blowing, etc. -- is a bad thing; and that only in the face of death (even if that counts for anything) should you even consider being a snitch.Sometimes I think that attitude is so pervasive in our society, at large, that most of us impacted by hackers do not even consider snitching on the hacker who tried to break into our web site, email, database, or server. Even if it did cross one's mind, some might have the attitude of what good will it do especially given the global nature of the Internet -- who has jurisdiction, language barriers, culture barriers, and what else might be present.How does one even know if their web site or server is subject to being attacked?