Hsphere and Php 7.4

If you are a webhosting company still using Hsphere to host clients websites. Whether you are on Centos5 or Centos6, We can help get your Hsphere server to support fastcgi php 7.4.

TLSv1.2 PCI Compliance Deadline June 2018

After many years of being pushed back the time has finally come for TLSv1.0 and Tlsv1.1 to be shut down. All our new servers are already configured and everyone still on the old Hsphere platform will be migrated over to our Plesk Platform by March 2018.

TLSv1.0 and PCI Compliance.

Pci DSS compliance states by June 2016 that TLSv1.0 must be disabled. The downside to this is any browser IE10 and prior will not work to connect to your website. Those clients will need to upgrade their browsers, use a different browser or get with their browser...

Glibc Ghost Vulnerability

On 1/27/2015 we were notified by our software vendors of a critical flaw in the Linux glibc library CVE-2015-0235 affecting all Centos, Redhat and Cloudlinux servers. After our vendors released OS patches we patched all servers immediately after. This includes all...

HeartBleed Openssl Critial Security Issue.

On 4/7/2014 a critical flaw in openssl became public. Openssl published a page called CVE-2014-0160 (also known as the Heartbleed bug).http://heartbleed.com/ We immediately began patching all managed servers on 4/8 as soon as OS vendors published their patches. Any...