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TLSv1.0 and PCI Compliance.

Author: ; Published: May 14, 2015; Category: PCI Compliance; Tags: None; No Comments

Pci DSS compliance states by June 2016 that TLSv1.0 must be disabled.  The downside to this is any browser IE10 and prior will not work to connect to your website.  Those clients will need to upgrade their browsers, use a different browser or get with their browser vendor for a fix to use TLS1.1 or…

Glibc Ghost Vulnerability

Author: ; Published: Jan 27, 2015; Category: Managed Hosting, Managed Services, Security; Tags: None; No Comments

On 1/27/2015 we were notified by our software vendors of a critical flaw in the Linux glibc library CVE-2015-0235 affecting all Centos, Redhat and Cloudlinux servers.  After our vendors released OS patches we patched all servers immediately after. This includes all clients on our bi monthly patching service. What is glibc? The glibc library is a core part of…

HeartBleed Openssl Critial Security Issue.

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On 4/7/2014 a critical flaw in openssl became public. Openssl published a page called CVE-2014-0160 (also known as the Heartbleed bug).http://heartbleed.com/   We immediately began patching all managed servers on 4/8 as soon as OS vendors published their patches.  Any virtual and dedicated server clients on Centos6.5,Redhat6.5,Cloudlinux6.5 are patched and notified about the security concern.  If you did not…

New Icann domain requirements.

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Part of the New ICANN Domain registration requirements are that registrants email address must exist if our renewal emails bounce to your email address the registrar provider will set the domain in a hold state. Let us know your thoughts. Below are the details and your ICANN Rights.    Validating a registrant’s email address   Effective immediately,…

WordPress wp-login.php brute force attacks.

Author: ; Published: Apr 12, 2013; Category: Managed Hosting, Managed Services, Uncategorized, WordPress; Tags: None; No Comments

WordPress brute force attacks have started cripling servers all over the internet.  Our cloudlinux servers have managed to stay up which higher then normal cpu and ram usage. Other servers without cloudlinux haven’t faired so well.  We started investigating these attacks on April 9th 2013, captured packets immediately to get the payload of these brute…

Dynamic Net, Inc’s New CEO

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We would like to welcome Jeffery Kilonsky as the new CEO of Dynamic Net, Inc.on 12/1/2012. He brings in a vast knowledge of hosting, servers, Hsphere, and security management since 1999. His abilities include the ability to troubleshoot Hsphere to a code level with full source access. No more contacting Parallels support for Hsphere problems….