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Sucuri Malware Labs and Linux Firewalls

Author: ; Published: May 31, 2012; Category: Managed Hosting, Managed Services, Security; Tags: ; No Comments

Daniel Cid and the Sucuri Malware Labs team do a great job at providing lists of IP addresses that can cause trouble.

Let me share with you a method to turn what they provide into a software firewall block list.

Applying faith in Jesus to customer service

Author: ; Published: May 28, 2012; Category: Customer Support, Small Business; Tags: , ; 2 Comments

If you are a fully committed follower of Jesus, you should be applying your faith towards how you view and treat your customers.

Please allow me to encourage you in practical ways to apply a Bible-based view to customer service.

WordPress to Facebook using If This Then That

Author: ; Published: May 21, 2012; Category: WordPress; Tags: , ; No Comments

Publish from WordPress to Facebook using the free If this then that service

If this then that allows you to easily create and share recipes for pulling information from one area of the Internet to another.

Your site is hacked, now what?

Author: ; Published: May 14, 2012; Category: Security, Small Business, WordPress; Tags: , ; 11 Comments

For almost seventeen years now, we’ve been helping individuals as well as hosting providers with hacker clean up.

Please allow me to share with you some of that experience in terms of what you should do should you find your site is hacked.

Managed Hosting – What are they managing?

Author: ; Published: May 7, 2012; Category: Managed Hosting, Managed Services, PCI Compliance, Reseller Hosting, Security, Small Business; Tags: , , ; No Comments

Are you being lulled into believing you are on a managed server when you rent your server from the likes of Rackspace.com and other data centers stating they are offering managed servers?

What does it really mean when a data center provider states they offer managed servers?