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Do it yourself Search Engine Optimization

Author: ; Published: Apr 16, 2012; Category: SEO, Small Business, WordPress; Tags: , ; 2 Comments

Most of our customers are small to medium businesses where each employee (sometimes there’s only the owner) wears many hats.

In the “new normal” economic climate, our customers often seek to the best ways to be frugal, getting the absolute most value for any time or money invested.

Let me share with you some steps you can take on a shoestring budget that will increase the exposure you get on your web site over time.

Why rel=author is just as important as keywords

Author: ; Published: Mar 26, 2012; Category: SEO, WordPress; Tags: , ; No Comments

While there are commercial (i.e. paid) search engine optimization (SEO) companies that might be able (there’s never a guarantee) have your work listed higher, there is something you can do yourself by taking advantage of the latest change at Google regarding authorship.

Redirection 101 – Learning how to use redirects for SEO and site changes

Author: ; Published: Jun 4, 2011; Category: Managed Hosting, WordPress; Tags: ; No Comments

If you are like me, you will be tweaking your Web site over time. Sometimes those tweaks will involving a site redesign, and sometimes it is just a matter of organizing your site better for search engine optimization — SEO — or making it easier for visitors to find a given page (the first choice of page name made sense at the time, but not now). How can you help those who bookmarked areas of your site as well as the search engines find the new pages?