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The Security Dance – Part 2

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Welcome back!  Last week’s article, There are no wallflowers at the security dance! Get to know your dance partners covered getting to know your security dance partners: If you are the business steward or a part of the management team, you already know the burden of responsibility for having a secure web site where your…

The Security Dance – Part 1

Author: ; Published: Jul 23, 2012; Category: Managed Hosting, Managed Services, PCI Compliance, Reseller Hosting, Security, Small Business; Tags: ; No Comments

f you have your business on the Internet, you are a part of a line dance.

You can chose to be a wallflower, and face the consequences of doing nothing.

Or you can get to know your fellow dance partners (maybe picking replacements for ones that no longer fit), and be an active member of the security dance.

PCI Compliance Scans and Small Business Gripes

Author: ; Published: Jul 20, 2012; Category: Managed Hosting, PCI Compliance, Security, Small Business; Tags: , , ; 5 Comments

Just as more government regulations tend to strangle a small business to death (worse case) or slow its growth (best case), so goes for PCI Compliance standards which add little to no practical value to security.

How to downgrade a WordPress Plugin

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Generally you wanted to be on the very latest version of a WordPress plugin.

However, there are times you do need to be one or more versions behind.

So, how do you downgrade a WordPress plugin?

WordPress White Screen of Death

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What is the WordPress White Screen of Death?

It is when you go to your site and see just a blank, empty, white page rather than your site.

While you may not have known the name of the problem, it is something you can experience with WordPress (as well as other content management systems).

Now, let’s go over trouble shooting the issue so you can have your web site back online.

Making WordPress more secure

Author: ; Published: Jul 2, 2012; Category: Security, WordPress; Tags: , ; 2 Comments

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Let me share steps you can take to make your WordPress site more secure against hackers.