Real customer service

A few days ago, a new Progressive commercial caught my eye. It is the one where "the other guys" insurance company claims they invented what Progressive does before anyone else. You see their pants catch on fire; and I'm reminded of an old childhood memory of Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire. Then between Thanksgiving day and just the other day, I'm hearing about how NTT/Verio has thousands of accounts completely down for days with phones not being answered, back end status reports not being updated, etc. And that brought back memories of other companies -- in one way, shape, or form -- stating they provide customer service or fanatical support or some other catchy "marketing" phrase. Yet, they turn out to be like career politicians who say what they think voters want to hear. The last time I checked there was approximately 30,000 hosting providers in the United States alone; a number of them stating they are "managed." I'm sure if you asked each one if they provide good customer service, they will answer yes. But what does that mean? What is "real customer service?"