Digitial ID’s – Do they inspire more sales?

According to a Gartner Survey done in August 2006, approximately $2 billion in ecommerce sales were lost because of security concerns among online shoppers. Providing a secure online environment builds customer trust in your website and can translate into increased sales and other conversion activity. Website security is a must for online transactions.

Hidden Costs of Choosing a Server Management Team

What happens when you go with a lower quote... it was an all-too-familiar story. The quote was really a “base quote”. It included the migration of data, but it didn’t include the pre-migration work, IP mapping, etc. It didn’t include any time for clean-up, installation of the control panel on the target servers, or post-migration troubleshooting to iron out all the wrinkles. In essence, they were sold a car without an engine, transmission, or tires.