Security Snitching

I think one of the lessons we all learn growing up is that being a snitch -- tattling, whistle blowing, etc. -- is a bad thing; and that only in the face of death (even if that counts for anything) should you even consider being a snitch. Sometimes I think that attitude is so pervasive in our society, at large, that most of us impacted by hackers do not even consider snitching on the hacker who tried to break into our web site, email, database, or server. Even if it did cross one's mind, some might have the attitude of what good will it do especially given the global nature of the Internet -- who has jurisdiction, language barriers, culture barriers, and what else might be present. How does one even know if their web site or server is subject to being attacked?

How to create Facebook tabs in WordPress

FaceBook has become a popular means for businesses to communicate with their customers; so much to the extent that if there's a politician, they are on FaceBook and Twitter. Now, what I see as the pain, the problem is how can the small business owner keep their site up to date, their blog up to date, and still have time to keep FaceBook and related social network up to date without duplication, and hopefully with enough variety that they don't look like everyone else on the playing field.