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Revealing the process of becoming PCI Compliant

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If you want to accept credit cards online, then you need to be PCI Compliant, whether your business is brand new, or your business been established for centuries.

Over the years, we’ve helped various business owners and managers to become PCI Compliant.

To those who have not gone through the PCI Compliance process, the road to having their first PCI Compliance certificate can look long, hard, and daunting.

This article is meant to take away the sting, especially for first time business owners and managers, by revealing the process of becoming PCI Compliant.

Why cheap hosting really limits the growth of your site

Author: ; Published: Apr 23, 2012; Category: Managed Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Small Business; Tags: , , ; 2 Comments

The number one priority of a hosting provider who competes on price is to keep their price low; customers are not their number one priority. The growth of your web site might be severely impacted when you pick a hosting provider who competes on price.

WordPress Security Release – Upgrade to 3.3.2 ASAP

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WordPress 3.3.2 is available now and is a security update for all previous versions.

Do it yourself Search Engine Optimization

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Most of our customers are small to medium businesses where each employee (sometimes there’s only the owner) wears many hats.

In the “new normal” economic climate, our customers often seek to the best ways to be frugal, getting the absolute most value for any time or money invested.

Let me share with you some steps you can take on a shoestring budget that will increase the exposure you get on your web site over time.

WordPress to Facebook using RSS Graffiti

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Easily publish from WordPress to Facebook using RSS Graffiti

RSS Graffiti makes it easy to share your blog posts, Twitter updates, YouTube videos and other social activity with your friends and fans on Facebook. You can use RSS Graffiti with any website or social application that has an RSS/Atom feed.

IPv4 shortage – impact on ISP’s, data centers, hosting providers, and you

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How is the IPv4 shortage impacting ISP’s, data centers, hosting providers, and consumers of hosting?

Why rel=author is just as important as keywords

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While there are commercial (i.e. paid) search engine optimization (SEO) companies that might be able (there’s never a guarantee) have your work listed higher, there is something you can do yourself by taking advantage of the latest change at Google regarding authorship.

Weak passwords and open doors

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Prior to today, my recommendation for creating secure passwords was to browse https://www.random.org/passwords/?num=20&len=12&format=html&rnd=new, and pick a random password.

The problem with this method is that it forces you to memorize something very foreign to you or to have a method to help you remember the password.

Did you know there’s an easier way to create secure passwords? Let me walk you through the thought process.

Why installing WordPress manually is more secure

Author: ; Published: Mar 19, 2012; Category: Managed Hosting, Security, Small Business, WordPress; Tags: , ; 2 Comments

Have you ever watched Restaurant Impossible or Kitchen Nightmares? Where you shocked to see some chefs merely reheating food in a microwave, using canned soup, and other prepackaged or precooked items rather than the chefs being chefs — cooking using fresh ingredients, and making meals from scratch?

A lot of the excuses from the owners, managers, and chefs focused around saving time, and what amounted to being penny wise and dollar foolish.

I guess after seeing those shows, I shouldn’t be surprised by how many WordPress users want a control panel or means to auto install WordPress for them in the fewest clicks possible with one click being optimal.

What’s wrong with an automated installation of WordPress?

Digging into local DNS resolution and APF

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APF can hang on a server rebooting with poor to no local DNS resolution. Presented here is an S.I.M. add on module to bring up APF after the server has rebooted.

Five WordPress plugins for a better site

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One of WordPress’s many good points is the ability to extend its functionality through (often) easy to install plugins.

Let me share with you five WordPress plugins I believe will help you have a better site.

Cheap hosting Dirty Little Secrets

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Iron Chef, Michael Symon was on the Dr. Oz show sharing with viewers, Restaurant’s Dirty Little Secrets… What are some of the dirty little secrets cheap hosting providers do not want you to know?