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SoftLayer Certified Partner

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We receive a number of phone calls and emails for requests for quotes and for proposals as a SoftLayer Certified Partner.

One may ask what does a SoftLayer Certified Partner do?

While SoftLayer has a variety of Certified Partners, Dynamic Net, Inc. is a SoftLayer Certified Partner that specializes in server security and server administration.

It is Personal, It’s Business

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In the 1972 movie, The Godfather, we hear Tom stating, “This is business, not personal!”

I lost track of how many times I’ve heard that phrase or variations like it to justify business decisions whether it be employer vs. employee or business vs. customer.

If your focus is building and maintaining relationships, the “vs” should always be a red flag. If your focus is on the dollar, then you might miss the “vs.” part of the equation.

Saving time with social networking

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Are you afraid to use social networks because of the time sink they can be for you and your business?

Let me share with you some tools you can use to save you time; and, still allow you to participate in the social media arena.

Service Suspension

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Imagine reading Service Suspension – Ongoing unanswered abuse complaints thinking to yourself, the person is in a jamb…. I hope they get someone who can really help them (maybe we could, not sure), then later on reading the person who initiated the post also runs a “All you can Eat” (i.e. unlimited support tickets, unlimited labor time) server administration business where they advertise a long list of what they can do for you for just $15.00 per month. I guess, they are so packed with work they could not solve their own problems.

Imagine, for just $15.00 per month you “24/7/365 USA-Based Technical Support” plus “24/7/365 Server Monitoring (5 Minute Intervals)” of your servers plus “Guaranteed 15 Minute Response On Monitoring Alerts” and so much more… sounds like a great deal? Right?

Sharing how to set rates

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If you are starting your own business — be it freelancing part time or something you hope would allow you to leave your full time job, one of the questions you will face is “How do I determine my rate?” or “How much should I charge for my work?”

CloudLinux and Reliable Hosting

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CloudLinux is an operating system based on CentOS and OpenVZ bringing a more secure, out of the box, operating system which allows a shared hosting environment to mimic a VPS-like environment for each hosting customer.

if you could imagine a refrigerator whose contents were a complete mess or even a room that was an organizational disaster, then open the door, through in a magic ball of yarn, close the door, and then open the door again… only to be amazed about how well everything is organized and clutter free, you would get a visual of the what CloudLinux allows you to do on the server level.

How often should I log into WordPress

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Over the past several years of working with small business owners and WordPress, we are often asked, “How often should I log into WordPress?” or related statements that begs the question.

Let me share with you some reasons as to why you should be logging into your WordPress content management system — CMS — or blog as often during the week as you are able to practically do so.

Lessons learned from an Internet outage

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The moral of this story raises the question… what’s your plan B for when there’s no Internet when you need it?

Learning from Storm Sandy

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Even though our servers are in secure, reliable, relatively hurricane resistant data centers and we have daily backup of all systems, we did not find out our weak areas until storm Sandy came into our neck of the woods.

Hacker Attack Vectors

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Repeat after me, “hackers most often target vulnerabilities, not specific people or companies.” Now, say that over and over again.. and shortly you should come to the conclusion that every single device and application typically has vulnerabilities which makes everyone a target. That’s right, everyone is a potential target — not just the big names,…

Customer Service 101 Relationships > Being Correct

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Most small business stewards provide customer service as well as receive customer service as part of wearing many hats. I really appreciate being on both ends of giving and receiving as each encounter is an opportunity to learn, to adapt, to change, and to improve. Part of that picture is hearing and seeing something you…

WordPress Brute Force Attacks

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If you asked me from September 2012 forward, the answer would change dramatically with WordPress Brute Force Attacks now exceeding 50% of all attacks being reported.

If you review your or your hosting provider reviews your web site’s access logs on a regular basis, you can tell if there are Brute Force attacks being attempted on your WordPress site by seeing multiple requests to access the file wp-login.php from the same IP address over and over again. Sometimes it might be a single request every x period of time; other times it might be scores of requests from the same IP address. By the way, are you or your provider regularly checking your web site access logs for abuse?

How can you protect yourself against WordPress Brute Force attacks?