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CloudLinux and Reliable Hosting

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CloudLinux is an operating system based on CentOS and OpenVZ bringing a more secure, out of the box, operating system which allows a shared hosting environment to mimic a VPS-like environment for each hosting customer.

if you could imagine a refrigerator whose contents were a complete mess or even a room that was an organizational disaster, then open the door, through in a magic ball of yarn, close the door, and then open the door again… only to be amazed about how well everything is organized and clutter free, you would get a visual of the what CloudLinux allows you to do on the server level.

How often should I log into WordPress

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Over the past several years of working with small business owners and WordPress, we are often asked, “How often should I log into WordPress?” or related statements that begs the question.

Let me share with you some reasons as to why you should be logging into your WordPress content management system — CMS — or blog as often during the week as you are able to practically do so.

Lessons learned from an Internet outage

Author: ; Published: Nov 12, 2012; Category: Customer Support, Managed Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Small Business; Tags: ; No Comments

The moral of this story raises the question… what’s your plan B for when there’s no Internet when you need it?

Learning from Storm Sandy

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Even though our servers are in secure, reliable, relatively hurricane resistant data centers and we have daily backup of all systems, we did not find out our weak areas until storm Sandy came into our neck of the woods.