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Hacker Attack Vectors

Author: ; Published: Oct 29, 2012; Category: Managed Hosting, Managed Services, PCI Compliance, Security, Small Business; Tags: , ; No Comments

Repeat after me, “hackers most often target vulnerabilities, not specific people or companies.” Now, say that over and over again.. and shortly you should come to the conclusion that every single device and application typically has vulnerabilities which makes everyone a target. That’s right, everyone is a potential target — not just the big names,…

Customer Service 101 Relationships > Being Correct

Author: ; Published: Oct 22, 2012; Category: Customer Support, Managed Hosting, Managed Services, Reseller Hosting, Small Business; Tags: ; One Comment

Most small business stewards provide customer service as well as receive customer service as part of wearing many hats. I really appreciate being on both ends of giving and receiving as each encounter is an opportunity to learn, to adapt, to change, and to improve. Part of that picture is hearing and seeing something you…

WordPress Brute Force Attacks

Author: ; Published: Oct 15, 2012; Category: Managed Hosting, Security, WordPress; Tags: , , ; 7 Comments

If you asked me from September 2012 forward, the answer would change dramatically with WordPress Brute Force Attacks now exceeding 50% of all attacks being reported.

If you review your or your hosting provider reviews your web site’s access logs on a regular basis, you can tell if there are Brute Force attacks being attempted on your WordPress site by seeing multiple requests to access the file wp-login.php from the same IP address over and over again. Sometimes it might be a single request every x period of time; other times it might be scores of requests from the same IP address. By the way, are you or your provider regularly checking your web site access logs for abuse?

How can you protect yourself against WordPress Brute Force attacks?

Shared, VPS, Dedicated, or Cloud

Author: ; Published: Oct 8, 2012; Category: Managed Hosting, PCI Compliance, Security, Small Business; Tags: ; No Comments

How do you know what type of hosting — cloud, dedicated, shared, or vps — will fit you best?

Let me share some guidelines.

Cheap vs. Quality Hosting

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A short while back I was reflecting on ways to share what high value, high quality hosting looks like to the customer. Can that picture be expanded?

What are some key points between a cheap (aka budget or commodity) provider and a quality (aka premium) provider?