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WordPress to Facebook using If This Then That

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A short while back I walked readers through how to easily publish from WordPress to Facebook using RSS Graffiti.

If you like to be aware of multiple ways to accomplish similar feats, then please allow me to walk you through using the free If This then That service at http://ifttt.com/.

Once you have an account at If This then That set up, then click on Tasks, then Create Task.

First click create task

If This then That does a lot of color coding; so click on the underlined, blue This link.

Next click THIS

Then for your trigger channel, click on RSS Feed.

Next click FEED as the trigger

Then click on New Feed Item.

Next click New Feed Item

And put in the web page address of your WordPress blog.  For WordPress, my experience is that “feed” is a part of the URL.

Next enter the web page address of your blog feed

Then click on the underlined, blue, That

Then click THAT

Now if you want to target your Facebook Fan page, then click on Facebook page (if you’ve not set up a channel connecting Facebook, you’ll be prompted to do so).

Then click Facebook page as your action

From here you can experiment as to what works best for you; in my opinion the create status message gives you the cleaner publish on Facebook.

Then click Create a Status Message

From here you can either accept the default, or click on Addins to modify what is used as part of the Status message.  You can also adjust the formatting and text so long as you don’t change the variable spelling / names.

Now either accept the default status or adjust by adding in extra fields

Then to finish up, give your task a unique, meaningful description, and you are ready to go.

Finally, give your task a unique, meaningful description, and complete the task

Once your task is set up, you can “Inspect” your task to run it manually.

If you are one of our managed hosting customers, and have questions about connecting your WordPress blog you host with us to one of your Facebook fan pages or your personal Facebook page, contact our customer support department for free help.

Peter Abraham
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Peter Abraham

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