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Five WordPress plugins for a better site

Author: ; Published: Feb 29, 2012; Category: Managed Hosting, WordPress; Tags: ; No Comments

One of WordPress’s many good points is the ability to extend its functionality through (often) easy to install plugins.

Let me share with you five WordPress plugins I believe will help you have a better site.

Cheap hosting Dirty Little Secrets

Author: ; Published: Feb 20, 2012; Category: Managed Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Small Business; Tags: , , , ; One Comment

Iron Chef, Michael Symon was on the Dr. Oz show sharing with viewers, Restaurant’s Dirty Little Secrets… What are some of the dirty little secrets cheap hosting providers do not want you to know?

The elusive hunt to protect against internal ip blackouts

Author: ; Published: Feb 6, 2012; Category: Managed Hosting, Managed Services; Tags: ; 2 Comments

You found the elusive problem was somehow Parallels H-Sphere lost its network bindings; and so you run /hsphere/shared/scripts/setup-ips.pl to re-establish the network IP address bindings following by restarting mysql and other various key services.

While you breathe a sigh of relief, and update all of your clients… you might be thinking about how the problem could have been prevented… what if…