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Digitial ID’s – Do they inspire more sales?

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According to a Gartner Survey done in August 2006, approximately $2 billion in ecommerce sales were lost because of security concerns among online shoppers. Providing a secure online environment builds customer trust in your website and can translate into increased sales and other conversion activity. Website security is a must for online transactions.

Hidden Costs of Choosing a Server Management Team

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What happens when you go with a lower quote… it was an all-too-familiar story. The quote was really a “base quote”. It included the migration of data, but it didn’t include the pre-migration work, IP mapping, etc. It didn’t include any time for clean-up, installation of the control panel on the target servers, or post-migration troubleshooting to iron out all the wrinkles. In essence, they were sold a car without an engine, transmission, or tires.

WordPress PHP Errors Widget

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PHP Errors Widget is a relatively easy to set up and use plugin that helps WordPress site owners and administrators to easily see if there are PHP errors on their site from the comfort of the WordPress dashboard.